History of Wearables: Analysis via Dot Plotting

Just putting all the products in a timeline wasn’t enough, though it helped me understand how wearables are perceived and used throughout the time, and newer concepts that have influenced and changed the history of wearables in some way or the other. Here, I am trying to analyze the history of wearables by Dot Plot chart, where I am trying to categorize them and look at emerging patterns, via a Dot Plotting data analysis methodology.

categories_of_wearables_in_chronological_order (1)


Some more Data Dot Plots were made post this, and following insights were derived (extremely condensed version):

  • The term wearable may seem fancy, but it dates back to 333B.C. when spectacles were first made. Even armoury and smaller weapons which man has been carrying around for protection are wearables. And also the watch. From times immemorial, man has been taking the use of technology, be it mechanical or electronic or just an static object, for various purposes like protection, efficiency etc.
  • In the last decade, the advent of wearable technology has led to many inventions. Mostly wristbands, smart watches and few clothing. In the context of public domain, which is the focus of this project, the market has been concentrated to fitness devices such as wristbands, and smart watches with few exceptions of smart rings. There is a huge scope for health devices and with smart watches, there is prediction of death of fitness bands.
  • Though wearables is a very sophisticated field in context of production, very few products have actually been launched in the market, despite of the massive DIY movement which makes it relatively easier to build prototypes and test your ideas. This movement of wearables products, is largely driven start-ups funded by funding methods like crowdfunding (Kickstarter), VCs and Seed Funds etc. The corporates are slower entry into this movement, with Intel being the most active player and Google entering in the area.
  • There is new wave of wearables in 2014 and 2015: Tech + Fashion. Major wearable tech companies are collaborating with fashion brands. There is a realization that wearables should move from the gadget space and become an accessory. The major reason being that nobody wants extra gadgets to take care of  and maintain, they need additional functionalities tot heir existing devices/accessories.



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